We work institutionally towards improving both physical and mental health and contributing to greater sustainability in society.

We are involved in development, advocacy, information and knowledge sharing, and dialogue with healthcare, public authorities and researchers. But we want to do even more. Do you want to help us? Get in touch with us

The Board of Directors

The work of the Board is based on the organisation's statutes which, in brief, aim to promote:

1. research and development of evidence-based yoga.

2. training and expertise in health care for the development of a patient-centred care model and effective implementation.

3. raising awareness of evidence-based yoga in society, in health care and research, and among politicians and authorities

Interim board appointed Q1 2024.

New board to be appointed Q1 2025.

Research & Development Committee

Maria Wahlström (Ass. Principal, Med. Dr, SN, Department of Health Promoting Science, Sophiahemmet University, Stockholm, Sweden)

Eva Hägglund, (RN, MNcS, PhD, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Sweden)

Madeleine Bellfjord (MSc Physiotherapist, Department of Rehabilitation, Närhälsan Clinic in Primary Care, Gibraltarg, Gothenburg, Sweden)

Mr Pär Krutzén (Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT, C-MOSI, Member SIO/SIG, Executive Director SIMY, Oskarström, Sweden)

Jenny Krutzén (D.C, Yoga Therapist C-MOSI, Educational Director SIMY, Oskarström, Sweden)

E-Health Committee

David Boll (Technical & Support Management)

Mr Filip Gauffin (Development & Integration Management)

Mr Andreas Ovefeldt (Creative & Art Management)

Jenny Krutzén (User & Quality Management)

Mr Pär Krutzén (Content & Sales Management)

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